A group of UIAD students (and some husbands) visited Malta for one week in September. We discovered an extraordinary history, culture, religious fervour (the Feast of Our Lady in Zabbar with its illuminations and fireworks was something to see) and extremely hot weather! History and culture played a big part on the trip but we had fun too and enjoyed the local specialities (kennie, rabbit stew, pastizzi, prickly pear liqueur) and – of course – speaking English!
There are more UIAD English trips to come. Look at the blog regularly to find out more about trips and other UIAD English news.
Melanie Brumberg
UIAD English teacher

Photos with captions provided by students in the group:


Christiane     photo1
The sun is hot. We are tired, we are hungry, but this last temple (3600-2500BC) in the heart of Tarxien deserves to be seen.


Marie-Irene     photo 2
What is that?
Ancient ruts. Who – or what – made them, nobody knows.


Michel    Stitched Panorama
St Marie Church in Mosta is built as a rotunda supporting a colossal dome; it was completed in 1860 and can hold 10,000 people. On 9th April 1942 a bomb went through the dome and did not explode – a miracle?
Monique and Jacques    photo4
Saluting battery in Valetta every day at noon and 4 pm


Group photo (without France and Odette)


Denise photo 6
The colourful boats of Marsaxlokk


Anne-Marie   Photo 7
The beautiful Azure Window


Marie-Irene  Photo 9
Who said Valetta was flat?!


Photo photo 8
Sailing at dusk


Michel  photo 10
Illuminated church for the Feast of Our Lady of Grace in the parish of Zabbar

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